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I can offer any thing from a claw clip to a full show groom or just a bath, all breeds large or small.

My salon is equiped wih a hydro bath which provides a deep massage while bathing your dog.

I can also express anal glads on small dogs.


Claw clipping 

This is included in a full groom 

or separatly.


Ear cleaning/plucking

Included in full groom, plucking included

to certian breeds.


Teeth cleaning

Included in full groom removal

of plaque and brushing..


I can offer just a bath and dry

or included in a full groom.

Medicated baths.


Anal glads
I am happy to express anal glads

on request only on smaller dogs.


Full Groom 

A full groom includes bath, trim, ear

and teeth cleaning and claw

clipping. .


I am qualified to handstrip dogs

with the correct coat type. 


Estimate prices.
Claw clipping - £5
Bath and dry only - £15
Full Groom 
Small dogs £20 - £28
Medium dogs £30 - £38
Large dogs £40 - £60
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